Kena: Bridge of Spirits could not have the name of a significant AAA developer attached to it, but it’s generated a lot of hype considering that it was revealed in 2014, as well as among the primary reasons for that is simply exactly how excellent it looks. Whether or not it plays along with it ought to remains to be seen, yet visually, the video game is toning up to be an impressive success. What’s been impressive to see is just how, in all the video so far, the video game seems to be maintaining a largely comparable degree of aesthetic quality across both cutscenes and gameplay, and in a recent interview on the official Unreal Engine web site, founder of designer Ash Lab Mike Grier spoke with that a little.

Grier clarified that in addition to making use of the same properties in cutscenes as well as gameplay in order to take a breath greater life into environments, another thing that operates in the game’s favour is the aesthetic style adopted by the game. Grier likewise went on to state that Kena’s high quality of animations in gameplay and also in cutscenes additionally should have an unique reference.

” We spent a long period of time creating the look of the atmosphere as well as the globe,” Grier claimed. “Those efforts were focused around a visual design and the objective of ecological narration. Every one of this operate in establishing a globe rollovers to the cinematics since we leverage the exact same assets. So that visual design really assists carry the same feeling between gameplay and also cutscenes. But one location I believe may be in some cases forgotten is the quality of our gameplay computer animations. Kena and also the personalities move and also feel excellent in gameplay and the cinematics which really merges the gameplay as well as cutscene experiences.”

Kena: Bridge of State Of Minds is releasing for PS5, PS4, and also COMPUTER on August 24.