IO has been making rather a huge sprinkle with the most current Hit Man video games, and also the James Bond permit has actually been missing from video gaming for a long time. We understand the designer has enthusiastic eyes with hopes of beginning a trilogy with the video game, and also it appears they are keen on developing a whole new Bond for the industry as a whole.

Speaking with IGN, IO CEO Hakan Abrak restated that this Bond will certainly be a new one. Unlike other video game adjustments, which made use of the star representing Bond at the time for similarity, this one will be completely original.

” It’s really important that we might develop an electronic Bond. A Bond for the gaming industry … So it’s a totally original story.

” There’s always exhilaration around a new Bond. Every Bond kind of defines a generation and also it’s fantastic exactly how they kept reinventing themselves over so many years. We’re inspired by the entire point, as well as just sucking things into us to make an original Bond, an original story, however that is definitely true as well as identifiable in the worths there is in Bond.

Project 007 has no launch day or systems introduced as of.