Bright Memory: Infinite has appeared like an amazing possibility for a while, but when it was revealed for the Xbox Series X earlier this year, the shooter truly captured the focus of the masses. It has looked slick as well as hectic in all that we’ve seen of it thus far, and just recently, we got another look at the game.

A short brand-new gameplay trailer was released at the Future Games Show, and also those interested in the video game will most definitely want to check it out. It shows more of the frantic activity of the game, of program, while likewise placing lots of focus on its acrobatic traversal, from wall-running to power slides as well as more There’s likewise plenty of melee fight revealed off, and also most significantly, a glance at a boss fight against an overpowered teleporting samurai who comes at you with his katana.

Bright Memory: Infinite is intended to launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC, yet does not yet have a release day.