Ubisoft certain has actually a whole lot intended to come out by this year’s end. Not only will Watch Pets: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla come just in time for next generation console launches, they’ll be rounding out the year with Immortals Fenyx Climbing, a brand-new IP set in Greek misconception.
Up is a trailer that information the story of the titular Fenyx as she should join the banished Gods to attempt and battle a terrible enemy from the deep past. While Fenyx is the default protagonist, there is a character designer that you can likewise see. To round it off, we likewise obtain the very first employer battle, which is additionally come with by some problems as well as regular battles in advance, with a gigantic cyclops called Mikros the Adorable.

Immortals Fenyx Climbing will certainly release on December 3rd throughout all significant platforms. The game also has a limited time trial that you can check out until the 29 th exclusively on the Stadia system.