Its launch did not go as intended, however, with several gamers dealing with several concerns with crashing, problems, framework price declines, and also much more. Guerrilla Gamings have said that they’ve made resolving these problems their highest priority, as well as they’ve currently released a brand-new spot for the PC port to begin that process.

Over on Twitter, Guerrilla Games have mentioned that patch 1.01, which is offered to download and install currently, is a “little preliminary patch”, which the following spot that will resolve extra concerns being dealt with by players is currently being dealt with. Just what does this existing patch solution though? Well, not a whole lot. Patch notes have actually been released on Reddit, and they state solutions for one collapsing issue as well as a couple of capability concerns.

That stated, Guerrilla Gamings have actually likewise listed the well-known problems that they are dealing with today and have identified as “high-priority” concerns, as well as these do discuss some major issues, such as GPU-related hangs, concerns with visual settings, startup crashes, efficiency stagnations, as well as extra.

Perspective No Dawn is out now for PS4 and also PC. You can see the complete update notes for the PC variation’s patch 1.01 listed below.


Crash/Hang Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the video game would collapse if the SteamUI really did not boot up effectively on startup.

Capability Concern Fixes

  • Took care of an issue where Concentration as well as other downturn technicians would not work for everybody.
  • Fixed a problem where Windows/Steam account names including special personalities would certainly protect against some gamers from saving the game. We are still examining various other saved game problems also.
  • Took care of an issue where Windows/Steam account names consisting of special personalities would prevent some gamers from conserving screenshots in Photo Mode.

Various Other Fixes

  • Included enhanced diagnostic information collection when submitting a crash record.
  • Dealt with numerous backend problems.
  • Dealt with a video clip corruption problem for specific hardware. We’re continuing to look at various other hardware configurations.