It was 2019 when Hideo Kojima as well as his skilled associates at Kojima Productions released Death Stranding It was the first game Kojima had been involved with because his public split with Konami. It was a strange video game, to say the least, and was additionally one that was finished with a great deal of involvement with Sony, hence releasing as a PS4 unique (however, it did make its method to COMPUTER not long later). Currently, though, it seems Kojima can be going to the competitors, at least if particular rumors are to be thought.

According to recognized writer and also leaker Jeff Grubb at VentureBeat, he has a source that asserts Kojima is in talks now with Microsoft for his following video game, whatever it might be. He claimed this was in action to recent speculation that the lately exposed Abandoned was covertly a Kojima Productions video game and also the reveal became part of some viral advertising and marketing. He claims this isn’t the instance, particularly with these talks.

” But the largest item of evidence I have that Abandoned is not a Kojima joint is that Kojima remains in talks with Microsoft regarding publishing his next game, according to a source aware of the issue. And also of course, that statue on Phil Spencer’s shelf was referencing a prospective deal with the fabulous developer. I can not verify if Xbox closed the deal yet, however my understanding is that Kojima is the emphasis of a Microsoft plan to take advantage of Japanese skill.”

As always, maintain all reports with a grain of salt, even though Grubb has usually been trusted in the past. Kojima has had a lengthy organization with Sony, which made their Death Stranding partnership quite noticeable, however Kojima has actually launched titles on Xbox in the past, and also as a free agent, will no question go where the funding is. Kojima Productions has actually hinted a few times that their following video game can be disclosed quickly, so if there’s any reality to this, we can find out relatively quickly.