After a whole lot of anticipation, last week we finally got our first appearance at the upcoming Halo Infinite, the next installation in the iconic collection that will certainly continue on the story of Master Chief, with an extended appearance at the video game’s campaign gameplay. If you did like what you saw, or if you just delight in the general art of Halo, there’s a treat you can now pre-order.

Via Dark Horse Comics, you can currently pre-order The Art of Halo Infinite It’s detailed at 200 web pages and assures heaps of new principle art from the game of Master Chief as well as other personalities alongside all the weapons and also cars you have actually grown to understand and love.

Halo Infinite will launch this holiday season for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and COMPUTER. While we have actually had the curtain pulled back on the campaign, you can also read some brand-new information concerning the game’s multiplayer through right here.