Like Gunman 2 before it, Hit Man 3 will be bringing together the entire World of Assassination trilogy into one solitary plan, and also while doing so, it’ll additionally add a number of improvements (aesthetically, and in terms of quality of life improvements) to degrees from the previous two video games. In doing so, it’ll likewise add even more Proficiency Degrees to a number of degrees from Gunman 2

For those who aren’t conscious, Hit Man awards Mastery Degrees to players based upon their efficiencies in missions, including completion of specific set challenges. Typically, places in Hitman have Mastery Degree caps of 20, yet the residential areas of Whittleton Creek and the bank in New york city in Gunman 2, which are fairly smaller in scale, covered out at15 According to the list of Trophies for Gunman 3, nonetheless, that cap is mosting likely to be boosted to the regular20 Does that mean there will be new difficulties contributed to both areas? Ideally.

The game will, of training course, brings its own set of new places for players to head to as well, and also IO Interactive lately exposed the full listing of those areas.

On PlayStation, the game will also be entirely playable in VR (consisting of all the levels from the previous 2 video games). Check out some Virtual Reality gameplay footage via below.