It was this June where we finally got our first consider Sony’s upcoming PS5 in addition to a batch of upcoming titles that would certainly come for it. One of those was the lengthy waited for next mainline entrance in the legendary racing simulation series, Grandma Turismo 7, which you can see the original news of through right here. The auto racing video game is claimed to be taking advantage of every one of the system’s attributes to some extent, and it will definitely include a wide range of cars to discover. However which one is worthy of to be on the cover?

On the official Twitter, the programmer is asking the simple concern: What auto should be the cover celebrity? It’s not clear if they are truly fishing for tips or if it’s simply some standard community engagement, more than likely the last I think of, however hey, we’ll leave the link listed below if you intend to enter anyhow.

Grandma Turismo 7 has actually been introduced for the PlayStation 5, however already there’s been no time frame or date for when to anticipate it.