The following entry in Sony as well as Polyphony Digital’s fabulous racing sim, Gran Turismo 7, has actually been revealed as coming to the PS5, and also individuals are anxious to understand more. While we have actually seen a small quantity of footage and also recognize that the game is intending to take benefit of the PS5’s numerous enhancements such as the brand-new DualSense features, there’s still a whole lot we do not know.

As outlined here, it seems the game will certainly sustain ray-tracing, which will possibly look pretty amazing. It also has support for 4K and HDR while discussing targeting 60 FPS. There’s no mention here of a prospective resolution/performance setting, so it’s unclear already if it will certainly consist of one. There’s a few various other functions briefly outlined such as rapid filling with the PS5 SSD, as well as using the haptic responses in addition to the flexible triggers and their ABS depiction, which has been outlined prior to.

As of now, no day or amount of time has been introduced for when to anticipate Grandmother Turismo 7 The game has actually also just been exposed for PS5, yet a couple of titles that were presumed to be PS5-only ended up being cross-gen, so we can’t state without a doubt right now. We’ll keep you upgraded as even more details comes out.