If there’s one game that has been revealed off dramatically for next generation gaming consoles, it’s been Godfall

Once again consulting with Gamebyte, Technical Manufacturer Cock Heyne mentioned Godfall‘s endgame. As you might understand, the video game can be played solo (despite still needing a net connection) along with co-op, as well as you’ll possibly desire something to do after the main story is finished. Heyne promises there’s a great deal of endgame things to partake in here, as well as one point he highlights is the Tower of Tests. Similar to side objectives in the video game, it is very combat-focused and also rogue-like as you travel each degree to battle increasingly hard adversaries.

” Our objective is to develop engaging end video game loops that will certainly continue to challenge and also reward players. The fight isn’t over once you beat Macros.

” One example of this is Tower of Trial runs. Tower of Tests (ToT) is a rogue-like end-game obstacle setting accessed within The Pillar.

” Gamers first complete the Lift Experience Test by beating waves of enemies to be rewarded with Keys, a currency specific to KID, and will certainly get reset to 0 when the player departures ToT.

” Athletes then pick the type of benefit they ‘d like to earn following by choosing a doorway with the equivalent Award Kind’s icon on it. There are a number of types of Reward Kinds that the gamer can make, but just if they go through the doorway as well as beat the Area Encounter Test.”

Godfall is set to release on November 12 th for PlayStation 5 and PC.