One of the very first next generation only video game launches we got to check out was Godfall Counterplay Games’ most recent title has some glossy fantasy design, as well as intends to have weapons, lots and great deals of weapons. While loot-based systems have ended up being popular, leading up to what numerous dub as the looter shooter, those systems have not been use as much to activity titles. Yet it seems Godfall intends to alter that.

Supervisor Keith Lee talked with Gamespot concerning the game, as well as he claimed that he wants to essentially develop a new style with Godfall‘s slasher-based loot system. While Godfall won’t be the first video game of this kind to play with loot systems ( DarkSiders 2, for circumstances, had some comparable systems), it intends to fuse the 2 in an extra fluid method for action video game fans.

” The vision for making this game was how we can combine [looting with] third-person melee battle, getting really succulent, tight battle mechanics, the minute to minute flow, which experience, due to the fact that a great deal of the people on our team love skill-based action combat titles,” Lee said. “Yet, additionally, there are individuals on our group, given our background having dealt with Diablo and operating at Snowstorm, that we have actually always had a love for loot-driven action-RPGs. We love playing Borderlands Actually, the original facility and also the concept was, can we have a video game where it’s someplace in the middle, indicating that it’s one part loot-driven, as well as one part skill-driven. It’s even more like an intrinsic proficiency of the battles while the loot is even more of an extrinsic incentive system for you to be encouraged to play the video game.”

Godfall is planned to launch for both PS5 as well as COMPUTER this holiday. You can check out the most recent gameplay video footage of the game through here.