As the first console unique ever revealed for the PS5, Counterplay Gamings’ Godfall has some expectations riding on it. The looter/slasher got a new gameplay video throughout Sony’s State of Play, highlighting the battle and tool courses. It’s an in-development develop working on a PS5 dev package yet still looks excellent.

As game supervisor Keith Lee explains, the development team is trying to strike the best equilibrium between loot and also player skill. This suggests that you’ll discover incredible gear along your journey however combat will likewise depend a lot on your own proficiency. Lee further stated that every one of the loot and content would be readily available at launch, creating a complete experience.

The video clip also highlighted the various tool types– the Longsword, Dual Blades, Polearm, Warhammer and also Greatsword. Each course features its very own one-of-a-kind action sets as well as play styles in addition to primary and also additional attributes. Weapons can additionally be customized though this will be described at a later day.

Godfall is out this holiday season for PS5 as well as COMPUTER. Keep tuned for even more details in the coming months.