Offered the fact that GhostWire: Tokyo is originating from the manufacturers of The Wickedness Within, and from a workshop led by Shinji Mikami– the designer of Homeowner Wickedness and also daddy of the survival horror style– it’s not unusual that most are under the impression that Tango Gameworks’ future initial person title is likewise going to be a horror game. That, nevertheless, is not the case.

Talking lately in an interview with Game Informer, video game director Kenji Kimura claimed that though GhostWire: Tokyo will have “minutes of spookiness and mysteriousness”, it is not a scary game, and also is rather an action-adventure title.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action experience game, not a scary video game,” he claimed.

When inquired about just how GhostWire: Tokyo differs from the two The Wickedness Within video games, Kimura stated that though it has the very same staminas in terms of ambience as well as “eerie vibes”, the fact that it is being created as an out-and-out action-adventure title permits it to “develop a various type of enjoyable” compared to the workshop’s previous efforts.

Ghostwire: Tokyo takes the staminas of Tango Gameworks– such as realistic graphics, creating ambience, and eerie feelings– and also develops them in a slightly different instructions. This gave birth to a threatening, mystical Tokyo that one might even state is strangely attractive,” he claimed.

” The obstacle of making an activity adventure game has provided us an opportunity to create a various sort of fun when contrasted to what we previously used,” Kimura proceeded. “This is something that we hope gamers will enjoy due to the fact that it permits gameplay concentrated on exploring the city of Tokyo, solving a deep mystery, and also overcoming different difficulties and also dangers through making use of special capabilities motivated by conventional Kuji-kiri hand motions.”

GhostWire: Tokyo will certainly launch in 2021 solely for the PS5, as well as will likewise come to PC at some point.