Ghost of Tsushima introduced last week, and also hence far seemed to be doing pretty well for itself. With strong reviews, such as ours, as well what appear to be strong sales, it appears the video game was a slam dunk for designer Fool Strike.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sucker Punch Co-founder and Producer Brian Fleming chatted regarding what the studio was excited regarding in regards to PS5 functions. His big point appeared to be the haptic responses of the DualSense controller.
That all stated I assume I’m particularly nerdily delighted about haptic feedback in the controller. We spoke about exactly how we actually like just how controllers kind of attach [you to the game], and anything that offers us more capacity to provide the player much better responsive feedback about what’s going on I think will be a huge deal.
I imagine a feedback system like the DualSense could be carried out pretty well in a video game with parry-based battle like Ghost of Tsushima We’ll simply have to wait as well as see exactly how the folks at Fool Punch utilize it on their inescapable PS5 title.