Fresh off of update 1.3, miHoYo Games’ Genshin Impact is receiving another batch of new content next week. The Windblume Festival goes live in update 1.4 and will see Mondstadt decorated in celebration of Spring. The festival will be available for Adventure Rank 20 players who have finished “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” – check out the first trailer below.

Three mini-games have been revealed, which can be played solo or in co-op. Bullseye Balloons is all about archery; Floral Freefall focuses on gliding; and Ballads of Breeze is about, well, ballads (via an interesting new rhythm mini-game). Festive Tour Tickets can be obtained as rewards for new gadgets and Talent Level-Up Materials. There’s also the Peculiar Wonderland, a domain with three random platforming-based challenges.

If that weren’t enough, there’s also a new boss, new story content and Bonding Events for spending time with Barbara, Noelle, Bennett and Chongyun. Different endings and memories are experienced depending one’s choices. There’s also a new 4-star character, Rosaria, who uses a pole-arm and the Cryo element. Stay tuned for more details on update 1.4 in the coming days.