Free to play action RPG Genshin Effect will certainly receive a substantial amount of new content on November 11 th with upgrade 1.1. “A New Celebrity Approaches” will include 4 brand-new characters, the “Unreconciled Stars” seasonal occasion as well as a lot more. Take a look at the English trailer listed below courtesy of IGN.

The brand-new characters in inquiry are Tartaglia and also Zhongli, who are both 5-stars, and also Xinyan and also Diona, both 4-stars. Side quests for details personalities will certainly also be included along with a brand-new Online reputation system that ranks players for each city.

Having a strong track record permits raised personalization choices, exclusive rewards for that area as well as more. “Unreconciled Stars” lasts for two weeks and also includes new missions and co-op obstacles to overcome. Benefits for participating include Fischl, a strong 4-star personality. The upgrade will likewise include new QoL products like the portable waypoint and also cooktop, as well as a Wind Catcher that allows for generating wind currents whenever required.

Along with every one of this, miHoYo verified that Genshin Effect will certainly be usable on PS5 with faster loading and also enhanced visuals. Stay tuned for more details on update 1.1 when it officially introduces.