After concluding development on notorious 2nd Child and inFamous First Light, Sucker Punch understood that they intended to service a brand-new open world IP, yet they really did not land on Ghost of Tsushima instantly. Many concepts were pitched and shelved (evidently, they also thought about pirates at one point)- and also it appears one of those pitches has now leaked online.

Very first stemming on 4chan today having actually spread all over the net, a 10 minute-long upright slice incorporating idea gameplay video footage and cinematics has actually leaked online for a job that was mosting likely to be called Prophecy You can view it through right here in the meantime, yet there’s an excellent chance that Sony will certainly take it down quickly.

Embed in a steampunk medieval setup that seems to have tones of both The Order: 1886 and also Assassin’s Creed, Prophecy would certainly have put players in the shoes of Abel Tvorah, a criminal seeking a fabled secret chamber full of prize under his “scarred” city. The city, nevertheless, is overwhelmed by a secret and also nefarious enclave that’s likewise aiming to enter into the chamber.

Over on ResetEra, photos of in-game provides have actually also popped up, showing not just the video game’s lead character, but also renders of impressive opponents- clearly, there was some weird, freaky stuff going on in this video game.

Apparently, this vertical slice was first held somewhere in between 2015 and also2016 It does look relatively far along in advancement, however there’s every possibility that this is an isolated idea video clip made for pitching functions, which is a pretty common technique in very early advancement periods of jobs.

We might never ever know why this obtained terminated (projects obtain terminated all the time, after all).