A preliminary version of the game’s disclose trailer pointed out a synchronised COMPUTER launch as well, though Square Enix later on went back on that, stating that the video game was totally a PS5 exclusive, and also that there were no details on other platforms to be shared at the time. As you ‘d anticipate, however, it appears that the PS5 exclusivity isn’t going to be all that irreversible.

In a lately released ad by PlayStation Brazil that shows numerous 3rd party console PS5 exclusives, Final Dream 16 is additionally featured. Interestingly enough, the great script on the bottom of the display towards completion of the video clip claims that the game is going to be exclusive to PS5 “for a minimal time”, recommending that more platforms will certainly get the video game down the line (detected by GamesRadar).

Market expert Piers Harding-Rolls specified not long after Final Fantasy 16’s news that its would be a complete PS5 exclusive for half a year after launch, and that the exclusivity end period would finish completely an additional 6 months later on. Given exactly how enormous the collection is and that reality that Last Fantasy has actually been a multiplatform franchise for some time currently (with the exception of Final Dream 7 Remake, of program), it would certainly be surprising if the upcoming follow up really did not eventually wind up on various other systems.

Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t yet have a release date, however records have actually recommended that it can launch faster than most people believe. Manufacturer Naoki Yoshida has stated that Square Enix won’t discuss the video game till they really feel prepared to do so, though he has actually previously also guaranteed “numerous statements” for the game in 2021.

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