Final Fantasy 16’s recent expose trailer caught the attention of millions for a variety of reasons. For beginners, the announcement of a brand-new mainline Last Fantasy video game is an interesting occasion regardless of exactly how you sufficed, but Final Fantasy 16’s pure dream setting– something that followers of the collection have actually been requesting for a while now– makes it much more exciting.

Something else that numerous people have actually noted is the dark, mature vibe that the trailer seemed to produce- and it definitely seems like that’s an approach the video game is going done in on. In an e-mail recently sent by Square Enix, they exposed that Final Dream 16 has actually been provisionally rated 18 by PEGi, which would convert to an M for Mature ranking by the ESRB in The United States And Canada.

That’s notable due to the fact that it’s the very first time a Last Dream video game will certainly have that ranking since Final Fantasy Type-0 ( which was ranked M in North America and 16 in Europe), and also flat-out the very first mainline Last Dream video game with an M rating. Of course, this is a provisionary ranking in the meantime, and also points could still change, but it provides us a pretty good concept of the kind of tone the game is choosing.

Final Fantasy 16 is in growth for the PS5, and evidently has been for four years currently, and also will apparently be out in2022 The video game supposedly has a 1 year exclusivity manage the PS5. Extra new details on it will be revealed next year.