Nintendo’s 2020 schedule has been rather weak, specifically in comparison to what previous years have actually resembled for the Switch, however there have actually been some intense spots here and there. Several of those are still ahead, as well as among those is Bravely Default 2. Announced in 2014 specifically for the Switch, the game has had an obscure 2020 window for some time, however neither Square Enix neither Nintendo have actually given a company launch day for it.

Currently, nevertheless, it seems that could be close. As found by Gematsu on Twitter, the old-school RPG was recently handed an age rating by the Australian classification board. Why’s that significant? Well, typically, games get age rankings just when they’re close to introduce, and also if that is certainly the case for Fearlessly Default 2, a news for its precise release date should not be horribly away.

Naturally, this isn’t a guarantee either, so step with caution in the meantime. In either case, we’ll maintain you updated should we learn anything even more, so remain tuned.