In its latest weekly update for Destiny 2, Bungie provided an update on the Exotic rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. Made from Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt raid, the tool has been doing less damage on employers because upgrade 3.1.0 dropped. As it turns out, a modifier was improperly decreasing its damages to that of minibosses located in Lost Sectors.

Its decrease price is additionally being taken care of with the negative luck security on declines currently using on an account basis instead of per character. If you have actually been raiding because Deep Stone Crypt went down, that too with three personalities, after that the chances of getting Eyes of Tomorrow need to be exponentially greater.

Finally, with regards to Tests of Osiris, the programmer has handled to fix a problem with match rejoining in the playlist. Hotfix will also bring numerous adjustments and nerfs to the Tension sub-classes so remain tuned for its impending launch.