Bungie’s most recent hotfix for Destiny 2 is now real-time, bringing the long-awaited solution to the Unique rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. Gained from the Deep Rock Crypt raid, the weapon was pestered to deal much less damage than intended versus Elite foes. This must currently be taken care of.

Possibly the biggest component of this hotfix are the changes to Tension.

Its damage reduction has actually additionally been decreased from 60 to 50 percent and the expense of using Shiver Strike has gone from three to 7 percent of Super power. Shadebinder Warlocks have seen some adjustments with Winter months’s Wrath projectiles having improved monitoring, though Penumbral Blast’s damage in PvP has actually returned down to30 For even more information on all of the changes, look into the complete spot notes here.

Destiny 2 Hotfix



  • Took care of an issue where gamers could respawn into the void, immediately bringing an end to their weak efforts to survive this activity at Master difficulty.

Wrathborn Hunts

  • Took care of an issue where “Immune” message appears when gamers deal damages to the High Celebrant.


  • Repaired a concern where gamers would certainly pass away instantly if they stood in a certain spot of the Quitter’s Well in Tangled Shore.
  • Repaired a problem that avoided Check and Brave VIP patrols from showing up on Europa.


  • Repaired an issue where players could regrow unlimited Super power from colleagues going through corridors.
  • Repaired a problem where gamers would inaccurately obtain an “on the internet opportunities” dialog when attempting to launch details Battlegrounds activities or the Battlegrounds playlist with a fireteam participant who hadn’t unlocked the activity.
  • Took care of a concern where the Cabal Pyro Weapon projectile created a lot of network usage, resulting in strange fighter actions within Battlegrounds activities.