Expert Dusk Golem– additionally referred to as AestheticGamer– has been quite energetic with leaks for a variety of points for a very long time currently, and lately, he took to Twitter to go down quick however possibly significant leaks for a number of points in one go.

Let’s start with the biggest initially, with him stating that a PS5 event is presently prepared for the initial half of September. Previous reports had actually recommended that PS5 info would be being available in August end, but August is finishing, and here we are. It seems strategies may have been postponed (which has actually been a running style with all companies this year), and with inquiries regarding the PS5’s rate and also its exact release date heating up every day, mid-September appears like the time where Sony basically have to discuss those things.

Mentioning the PS5, something else that’s been in the rumour mill for practically the whole of 2020 is a claimed Silent Hill reboot that is being created internally at Sony thanks to a collaboration with Konami, and will be coming specifically to the PS5. Despite a variety of leaks and no scarcity of conjecture, this game has yet to be exposed, but Dusk Golem says in his tweet that it is still very much in growth.

Another thing the expert talks about is a new Shenmue- relevant news that is can be found in the following couple of weeks, though he clears up that it’s not Shenmue 4, explaining it as “smaller than Shenmue 4 but larger than an unique collection” and also something that’s “a lot more for people who respect Shenmue’s story.”

That’s a lot of leaks in a single series of tweets, and also definitely lots to absorb. As holds true with all unproven information coming from insiders, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt in the meantime, however many (otherwise all) points discussed below are supposedly being disclosed quickly, so we ought to recognize one way or another not long from now.

We’ll keep you upgraded regardless, so stay tuned.