At the end of the month, you’ll be able to get in touch with your bad side with Evil Brilliant 2: World Supremacy The lengthy waited for follow up will certainly see you tackle the function of one of four unique bad genius personalities in an effort to take control of the world. As with a lot of major releases nowadays, there’s likewise a day 1 patch to consider, and currently we have a checklist of the several tweaks it’ll be obtaining with it.

Designer Disobedience released the complete patch notes on their official Discord. There is fairly a lot here, consisting of repairs for general security as well as specific adjustments to the four wizard’ campaigns, such as spiderbots striking things much more reliability or particular goals being fine-tuned. You can see the complete list below or see it as assembled by the good folks at DSOGaming via here.

Evil Brilliant 2: Globe Supremacy, in addition to this spot, will certainly launch on COMPUTER on March 30 th, and also you can see the full PC needs via below.


  • Accident solutions as well as stability improvements
  • Improved Darkness quality
  • General equilibrium changes
  • Super Representatives, Crime Lords, and Narrative Characters will come to the Burrow more reliably
  • Super Professionals and also Narrative Antagonists appear on the World Map more reliably
  • Incinerator queuing features as planned: Say goodbye to pile-ups of Body Bags!
  • Occasion Log alerts correctly clear when Deserting minions have actually left the Burrow
  • Event Log notifications decreased when numerous minions enter combat
  • A number of Scheme expenses have actually been rebalance
  • Numerous text, localisation, as well as icon renovations
  • Objectives appropriately award the full Gold amount listed if there suffices area in the gamer’s Vault
  • Characters currently get off the Cruise Ship much more elegantly when arriving at the “Caine Key” island Lair
  • Hostages can be interrogated on the exact same Trap several times
  • Minions will correctly stow weapons before Questioning characters on Traps
  • Updated End ofthe world Cavern entrances to be noticeable from greater floorings
  • Sound included for Wizards using their Inner Sanctum items, mocking captives
  • Dialogue quantity adjustments throughout narrative scenes
  • Updated Island sneak peek pictures in the Burrow Choice screen
  • Narrative Characters will no longer replicate in uncommon conditions
  • Warmth boosts substantially more slowly when playing a project on the “Easy” problem setting
  • Finished Purposes currently show in reverse-chronological order
  • Enhanced gamepad assistance
  • HUD is correctly shown on Nvidia Surround and AMD Eyefinity multi-display configurations
  • Narrative Characters can not be too soon executed

Wickedness Genius Campaigns

  • Emma’s Spiderbot completes Implementations a lot more accurately
  • Ivan’s campaign goal, “Rumour Has It” upgraded to supply better player liberty
  • Narrative dialogue will no more repeat throughout Maximilian’s “War on Krast” Objective
  • Throughout Zalika’s “Perfect Pitch” Objective, the Goal will properly track if you have actually already built the V.O.I.D. Model thing
  • Throughout Zalika’s project Purpose “Perfect Pitch”, Investors can leave the Burrow without influencing progression

Side Stories

  • Side Stories can no longer be started prior to unlocking any type of sophisticated minion types they need
  • Crime Lords are reliably converted to complete Henchmen upon completion of their Side Tale
  • The Declaration of Independence can not be prematurely recovered by the Forces of Justice throughout the “Fool’s Gold” Side Tale
  • Wrecking Bola ruins items in the Lair much more dependably
  • Plan “Made from Sternum Things” correctly despawns after completing the Side Tale “Them Bones”
  • IRIS’ fight VFX now properly fade when fight has finished
  • Throughout the “North by North” Objective, Jubei will certainly no more get in a bloodthirsty rage and start murdering innocent Tourists

Sandbox Setting

  • Travelers generate in Sandbox mode at the correct rate
  • Protection Desks as well as Video cameras are now opened in Sandbox Setting