While the brand brand-new map from last month’s PC Video gaming Show reveal isn’t included, update 12.7 does considerably expand on Personalizeds. You can inspect it out in a brand-new intro trailer listed below.

About 30 percent larger, players can access new structures together with venturing to a new section in the South. Other adjustments in the update include a brand-new Scavenger manager, Sanitar, in Coastline who can heal allies and also himself. He’ll additionally use new stims to buff his group, though players can get their hands on these (consisting of the “obdolbos cocktail” which increases sprint and jump speed but induces pain as a debuff).

Other adjustments consist of boosted AI for Scavs, brand-new tools like the FN GL40 grenade launcher, which is can discharge numerous various types of eruptive rounds, as well as new pursuits on Coastline. Keep tuned for even more information consisting of when update 12.7 will go online.


  • Customs expansion (development of enterprise zone, construction site, added numerous new explorable buildings, stationary weapons, new location for Reshala generate etc.)
  • Added new scav manager– Sanitar.
  • A former medical professional, he worked in the health spa “Lazurny bereg”, and also before that in the TerraGroup research laboratory. After the events that took place in Tarkov, he collected a gang with previous colleagues and operates on the “Coastline”. Proactively makes use of expert skills in fight, quickly healing himself and also the gang participants. He uses various stimulants and also medications, including those of his own production. He can quickly carry out surgical procedure by pulling out a bullet or using a tourniquet on the field. In some cases he is devoted to the Scavs as well as can leave a couple of first-aid sets or other clinical products for his own group members on place
  • Brand-new missions on Shoreline
  • System for reporting questionable players, unacceptable nicknames as well as video game bugs abusers (on the post-match display)