We’re just one week far from the release of Ubisoft’s 3rd access in the Watch Pet Dogs franchise business, Legion The video game promises that you can recruit anyone and every person to your cause against a fascist regime in a future Britain. It’s an enthusiastic title, and also Ubisoft remains in the procedure of advertising and marketing currently with some peculiar live activity trailers, and actually, they’re quite weird. If you’re on Xbox, you can likewise start downloading it currently.

The preload for Xbox One customers who acquired the game electronically, or will acquire it electronically, is currently live. The download is pretty tiny taking into consideration the size of the game, clocking in at35
Preload is live now on Xbox One, with the PS4 preload going up on the 26 th. The video game is additionally coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and also Xbox Series S on their launch dates.