Recently, a “dripped” gameplay clip for FromSoftware’s Elden Ring was doing the rounds, providing a brief take a look at a setting. Provided exactly how the last dripped trailer as well as how it unexpectedly appeared, this looked like it could be genuine. Unfortunately, that’s not the instance.

As identified by Reddit, the six second dripped clip is really from a 3D setting display video by freelance 3D/concept artist Jack Phan on ArtStation. Phan stated that the work was “heavily inspired” by the Dark Hearts collection. The complete video can be seen below using the musician’s official YouTube network.

Phan additionally said that he was “flattered that a person reduced this up and also made this as a part of the Elden Ring’s phony leak.” Though sorry to “damage people’s hopes,” he even more verified that the leak was not real.

In the meantime, Elden Ring is rumored to be exposed at E3 2021 particularly with Bandai Namco verified to be going to. Kadokawa Corporation, FromSoftware’s parent business, kept in mind in its current economic report that it will certainly release brand-new titles in the following. This could imply Elden Ring introduces sometime after April 1st 2022 and prior to March 31 st2023 As constantly, nonetheless, we’ll require to wait on even more details.