George R.R. Martin’s job on Game of Thrones is possibly what he’s most well-known for, but his job on Elden Ring is something for fans to be thrilled about. The information comes from an interview Martin did with WTTW Information Chicago, in which he was about his participation in the video game.

” My deal with it was in fact done years earlier,” Martin clarified. “These games, they resemble movies, they take a long time to create. Generally, they desired a world developed to establish the video game in. Globe structure is a large factor in dream and sci-fi. You’re not only chatting characters as well as the story, yet the setup is nearly as vital as whatever else: Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age, the structure universe of Isaac Asimov.”

Martin claims his job primarily was composed on working up comprehensive background information for the video game globe and also From did the rest of the job from there. He likewise stated that while From would occasionally show him monster styles or other “great things,” he hasn’t worked with the game in years. “The game has been slowly creating and now it’s appearing in January, I believe, so I’ll be as thrilled as any person else to see it,” Martin said.