Codemasters’ DUST 5 has actually gotten some decent essential acclaim on launch however there have actually additionally been some unpleasant issues with it. Trick amongst these is a problem with High Structure Price Setting, which allows for playing at 120 Hz.

Technical director David Springate really did not state when the patch would arrive but he did validate that the issue does not stand out up in Photo Mode. Considering that playing at 120 Hz is one of the essential allures of playing on next-gen gaming consoles, the value of the issue is reasonable.

Recently likewise saw a major update for the video game that included V-Sync to PS4 and also PS5 while taking care of a host of other problems. Anticipate various other solutions in the coming weeks and more content by means of the video game’s Year One Upgrade pack. DUST 5 is presently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 as well as PC with the Google Stadia version following year.