Xur is in the Tower this week for Bungie’s Fate 2, bringing some old however still fascinating Exotics. In terms of weapons, you can look forward to Skyburner’s Vow, an Unique energy scout rifle present considering that the video game’s launch.

Setting You Back 29 Legendary Shards, this weapon fires slow, Cabal Phalanx shield-piercing eruptive rounds when intending down sights. When shooting from the hip, however, its rounds will seek out enemies, which is offer for shooting in mid-air.

Unique gear this week consists of Lucky Raspberry (Hunter breast), Peacekeepers (Titan boots) and also Vesper of Distance (Warlock chest), each for 29 Epic Shards. Fortunate Raspberry is wonderful for chaining Arcbolt explosive damage. Peacekeepers will certainly reload stowed SMGs and improve motion when making use of one. Ultimately, Vesper of Distance will certainly create an Arc shockwave when making use of a Break with class capacity energy reenergizing at a quicker price with opponents around.