Xur is back in Bungie’s Destiny 2, hanging out in the Tower behind Dead Orbit. This week’s Exotic items are fairly standard, conserve for the weapon– Monte Carlo.

As a key Unique auto rifle, dealing damage with Monte Carlo will certainly lower one’s melee cooldown (with eliminates having a chance to fully recharge melee capabilities). Damage enhances as you chain together kills with melee eliminates granting ammo. While not the most top-tier pick, it’s still a very solid car rifle for 29 Fabulous Shards.

Unique armor this week includes Knucklehead Radar (Seeker helm), Synthoceps (Titan handwear covers) and Wintertime’s Guile (Warlock handwear covers), each for 23 Legendary Fragments. Each of these is relatively typical– Knucklehead Radar offers radar while aiming down views, Synthoceps enhances melee lunge array and also damages when bordered, and also Winter’s Guile stacks melee damage with each melee kill.