Bungie has actually introduced the initial information for Destiny 2’s upcoming yearly occasion, Solstice of Heroes. Players will once more endeavor to the European Aerial Zone, tackling all Hive, Cabal and also Fallen adversaries while likewise fighting managers. Depending upon the variety of employers beaten, gamers can open up different upper bodies spread out throughout the area.

A brand-new Solstice shield collection will certainly also be available for players to outfit and also update by finishing different objectives. Like last year, the shield will certainly begin out as Uncommon and also can be upgraded to Epic rate.
If you complete these goals, after that your Majestic Legendary shield will certainly have a white radiance. Those that desire the established as a Universal Accessory to furnish over any shield set will require to purchase it for either Silver or Bright Dust from Eververse.

A special radiance will certainly also be added the Tension subclass when Beyond Light releases in November. Nevertheless, this does increase some inquiries on how Transmog will work as well as whether players will require to pay, either with real cash with Silver or via Bright Dirt, for their optimum style. We’ll have to wait on even more information in the coming months.

In the meanwhile, check out the Solstice of Heroes trailer listed below to see the armor in action.