After several years of directing the Steel Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima was able to make an all new IP with last year’s Death Stranding The game was probably the closest we have actually needed to Kojima totally released artistically, and well … it was something. Yeah, it was certainly something. Sights on the game were polarizing to say the least, however most concurred that the music was rather eager. Currently it seems the male behind the original score is working with something extremely secretive.

Plainly, there isn’t much here, only that he is working on something. Could it be the next video game from Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima? Forssell has functioned on Kojima’s titles considering that Steel Equipment Strong 5: Ground Zeroes, also offering music for the infamous P.T. experiment.

It is possible he is dealing with an additional game, or perhaps another non-game relevant job, but it’s also totally possible he’s working on Kojima’s next title which is assuredly in growth, possibly also a new kind of horror video game. Just time will inform, but in any case, it needs to make for a good rating.