Following its release of the Fatal Falls DLC, Wickedness Empire as well as Activity Twin have a new upgrade for Dead Cells Dubbed “The Whack-a-mole Update”, it includes three brand-new hefty tools, three Mutations and a lot more.

The new weapons are the Huge Axe, the Big Club and also the Gravestone, each scaling off of Survival.

The brand-new Anomalies are Execution, which performs opponents under 5 percent health (and also can scale as much as 15 percent); Barbed Suggestion, which causes damage over time to enemies based on arrowheads embeded them; and Point Space which brings upon perk damages with close range attacks. Other welcome adjustments include Malaise being eliminated from Manager Cell 4 difficulty. Malaise also no longer rise adversary movement rate and also opponents won’t turn into Elites or generate for a few seconds after an Elite notices you.

Take a look at the full spot notes below and also remain tuned for even more information when it strikes online servers.

Whack-a-mole Update

Vital attributes

  • Brand-new mutation: Point Space. Close-ranged variety attacks cause X% perk problems.

New problem curve: We’re try out a new way of raising the trouble from one BC to the next.

  • BC0: Health water fountains in every shift.
  • BC1: Health fountain every other shift, with one minor flask when the water fountain is missing.
  • BC2: Say goodbye to wellness water fountain, one minor flask in every change.
  • BC3: One minor flask after the very first manager as well as before the second.
  • BC4: No more health and wellness in any transition, adversaries teleport to your setting.
  • BC5: Say goodbye to health and wellness, opponents teleport, despair included.

Wanting To have your point of view on that brand-new formula, so don’t think twice to offer us feedback!

  • A new PNJ 5bc special has actually shown up, the Enthusiast’s trainee! He will certainly be able to unlock blueprints while the big individual is away.
  • New tool: The Huge Axe ™. They claim the last hit can be chained, yet no one lived enough time to verify …
  • New tool: The Huge Club ™. Hold to charge and also damage the club on the head of your regrettable adversaries.
  • New tool: The (regular-sized) Gravestone. Stay on the ground if you manage to eliminate something with the last hit, yet we’re still dealing with it and also it will certainly be updated in the next weeks.
  • New mutation: Implementation. (Colorless). Quickly kill opponents going under 5% (scales as much as 15%) wellness after you hit them with your tool.
  • Brand-new mutation: Barbed Tips. Inflict x damage per secs to opponents per arrowheads stuck in them.
  • Added an Omnivorous diet regimen which randomize the look of your food.