It starts with Darksiders: Genesis and also The Dark Photo Anthology: Man of Medan coming to Xbox Game Pass for consoles tomorrow. It Prowls Below, UnderMine, Xeno Crisis as well as Trailmakers will certainly also be available tomorrow for both console and also COMPUTER clients.

On August 13 th, Last Dream 7 will certainly come for Xbox Video game Masquerade console and PC. This isn’t the current Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is timed exclusive for PS4 up until April 2021, however the timeless RPG still holds up till now. Check it out in outstanding HD visuals next week.

Of course, brand-new video games arriving ways old games are leaving. On August 14 th, Evil One May Cry 5 will leave Xbox Game Pass for console while Area Hulk: Strategies and also Where the Water Preferences Like Red Wine will certainly be opted for PC subscribers. Kingdom Come: Deliverance and also Yoku’s Island Express will certainly become inaccessible for customers on both systems.