We’re on the road to Cyberpunk 2077, or at least that’s the hope and that there will not be an additional major hold-up. One of those waves came previously today when it was said that the video game’s multiplayer setting, which will come at a later point, would certainly have microtransactions.

Via the official Twitter account, it was firmly insisted that the solitary player section of the video game, that is understood merely as Cyberpunk 2077, will be MTX-free as was always guaranteed (they even retweeted a reaction to a tweet from over a complete year ago on the topic). They said the microtransactions would just apply to whatever create the multiplayer setting will certainly take on, something they state they’ve constantly been clear around.

As it stands now, we do not recognize a great deal regarding the multiplayer part of the game. The major release is still established for November 19 th, so it will probably be a good while prior to we understand anything about it regardless. We will be seeing post-launch prepare for 2077 quickly, however, so hopefully CDPR can comfort much more keeping that.