After being delayed for a few weeks and also releasing for Nintendo Change initially, Crysis Remastered has a launch day. It’s not today as some records declared but September 18 th on Xbox One, PS4 as well as COMPUTER (with the COMPUTER version unique to the Impressive Gamings Store).

Along with a new lighting engine and also updated assets, the remaster sports textures at up to 8K resolution. Ray-tracing holds for both normal representations and water representations. Various other technical enhancements include “modern” depth fields, thin voxel octree international illumination or SVOGI, movement blur and also far more.

Overall, the results look pretty great as well as worth the added time for additional polish. Whether Crysis Remastered will meet the meme of being nigh-unplayable on a lot of modern PCs stays to be seen but expect some relatively large system requirements.