Radical Fish Gamings’ CrossCode obtained its long-awaited post-game DLC with A New Residence, which offers a suitable final thought to Lea’s tale in addition to tons of new material. The designer has actually considering that released upgrade 1.4.1 which is the game’s last. It adds three brand-new missions, brand-new Profession Offers and a “pair” of Arena Cups.

The upgrade is unique to the DLC so you’ll require to possess A New Home to access it. Radical Fish will certainly proceed to take care of pests as well as other problems, this will be the last material addition to the video game. When it comes to what’s following, the designer confirmed on Heavy steam that there are currently no prepare for a follow up.

Its following video game is in the prototyping stage, however, with the temporary title of Task Terra The gameplay will be an action RPG comparable to CrossCode but with a new setting and storyline.