Over the last few months, there’s been numerous rumors popping up regarding the following entrance in EA and DICE’s Battlefield collection, which numerous online are referring to as Field Of Battle 6 for now.

According to leaker Tom Henderson, the main name of this game will not be Battlefield 6, and also instead will certainly be opted to simply be titled Battleground It will certainly have a future setup, though not extremely far in the future, more around 10-15 years from today. It will, nonetheless, consist of things like army robotics as well as drones, so there will be some futuristic technology. Henderson also claims that the game’s multiplayer will certainly be like Battleground 3 and 4‘s ‘on steroids’, as well as a brand-new Fight Royale mode will certainly feature the game, though it’s uncertain if it’ll exist at launch.

Henderson has actually leaked points reliably for the franchise business in the past, yet also so, as constantly take leaks with a grain of salt. If other rumors are to be believed, the video game is established to get unveiled as early as May.