Previously this year, we got the shock decline of Personality 4 Golden on Heavy steam. While spin offs of the series has been on a range of platforms, it noted the first time a mainline Persona title to come to a non-PlayStation platform, in addition to the very first time a Character title had actually involved COMPUTER (it’s likewise only the second Atlus title to come to COMPUTER in many years). It was a significant success for the company, and also for fans, it shows a hope that even more COMPUTER ports will certainly come as Atlus’ moms and dad company, Sega, has said its success has actually caused it to review even more multiplatform titles. In the meanwhile, the Identity 4 we have actually got a tad of additional polish today.

As seen on the video game’s main Steam web page, the game got a quite major update. The patch addresses a lot of issues, however the most significant ones is accidents related to the Xbox One controller being linked as well as disconnected, dealing with some problems around the resolution scaling with Windows 10, along with progression programs. You can check out the list at the link above or the complete spot notes listed below.

Identity 4 Golden is offered now on PC with patch 1.1 live now. The only other way to play the game is via the PlayStation Vita.

– Repairs to video quizzes
– Solutions to cutscene playback, including a lower playback setting for smoother play on older makers.
– Soft locks taking place around Personamations
– Random accidents reported
– Accidents pertaining to eliminating Xbox One controllers
– A hang issue that takes place throughout Midnight Trivia Quiz
– Blank products in supply creating accidents and freezes.
– Please keep in mind that if you are experiencing this problem, your old conserves will maintain the empty item, so it is suggested that you produce new conserves and also avoid old conserves with empty items.
– An audio issue related the audio setup during Yosuke’s Calvary Assault.
– A development concern that occurs when going into Yukiko’s castle.
– Attends to a known problem where Pursuit 3 might not be completed by some players.
– Enhanced cutscene films for better playback that was triggering stuttering.
– When using high resolution screens, solved a problem where the Windows 10 resolution scaling was being used.
– Dealt with a freeze problem when equipping a blank item in “Equip > > Clothing”.
– If you have a blank item in the Clothing food selection, please be sure to eliminate it as these blank products can be still in your presently saved video game information. Furnishing blank items can set off different freeze concerns in other locations.
– Resolved a soft lock that can happen after an All-Out-Attack.