In some cases, as with all on-line games, points have to be eliminated so they can be dealt with. That’s the instance in the newest spot Raven Software released for the video game, which got rid of armored cargo trucks from the game because they made players invisible.

The vehicles were initially introduced for the limited time Armored Royale mode, however were contributed to Warzone‘s normal modes this week with the launch of Period 4. Reestablishing the trucks indicated reintroducing the bug, which never appears to have been correctly taken care of.

” We have pressed an upgrade in #Warzone to get rid of the Armored Freight Truck due to a continuous issue with players coming to be unseen,” Raven stated on Twitter. Raven formerly got rid of the Armored Royale setting froom the video game in order to repair the insect, however it plainly really did not stick.

Additionally, Raven is additionally considering an insect which can result in collisions when using particular QBZ blueprints. In the meanwhile, the programmer encouraged players to avoid the Fresh Powder, Smoke Valley, Heart Survivor, Fatality Metal, and also Cross Check blueprints.