With numerous big games launching following month, it’s easy to forget Activision’s Phone Call of Obligation: Black Ops Cold Battle The current multiplayer beta has wrapped up and also to remind everyone concerning the project, a launch trailer has actually been launched. Inspect it out below.

Taking location a number of years after the very first game, the campaign sees Mason, Woods and Hudson working with each other again. With the Cold Battle raging on, the triad should develop a new group to battle a Soviet agent named Perseus.

There’s also a brand-new Zombies setting called “Die Maschine” which sees the CIA team Requiem examining an old WW2-era bunker. A co-op setting called Zombies Onslaught is additionally coming but will certainly be special to PlayStation gamers till November2021

Phone Call of Responsibility: Black Ops Cold Battle is out on November 13 th for existing as well as next-gen systems.