There is a theory that we live within a sophisticated simulation, and that the world we know is not strictly real. Why this simulation would exist, who operates it, and also what it suggests forever are commonly concerns asked and typically the absence of ability to address those questions are why the theory concerned is typically turned down. I’ll be sincere, I don’t know everything about that, yet there are times in life where you just have to ask yourself, and also I assume among those moments was the announcement for Bridge Producer: The Walking Dead

Disclosed at Gamescom Opening Night Live, the game was shown with a live activity trailer, which you can see listed below. It was … unanticipated to claim the least. The video game evidently will task you with developing bridges in difficult puzzles to help survivors prevent zombie assaults. You can see a really short bit of that gameplay in the trailer, though it’s hard to make out specifically how it’ll work.

While it seems like a timeless trick video game it is, in fact, really real. Bridge Manufacturer: The Walking Dead will evidently launch sometime this year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch Over, PC and both iphone as well as Android smart phones.