Till a brand-new Season Pass is revealed, the “final” DLC for Borderlands 3 goes online today with the Director’s Cut It will be offered for Xbox One, PS4, COMPUTER, Xbox Series X/S as well as PS5 however it appears that a Change variation can be in the jobs. A new score from PEGI provides the DLC as pertaining to the system, though this raises more inquiries than anything.

Will it run natively on the platform or through the cloud like Control Ultimate Edition or the lately released Gunman 3? It appears a given that the base game will be included yet what about previously released DLC? Transmission Software has actually never shown that a Switch variation could happen but as game director Paul Sage when said, “Never say never ever.”

As for the Director’s Cut DLC, it includes brand-new murder enigma story pursuits rotating around Ava’s new podcast; a brand-new raid manager in Hemivorous the Invincible; as well as much extra. In the meantime, you can read our review for Borderlands 3 right here.