Transmission Software has actually ended up providing story expansions for Borderlands 3 however isn’t necessarily made with DLC. Its following batch will feature brand-new skill trees for the existing Vault Hunters along with a new setting. In a meeting with GameSpot, the advancement group lastly disclosed its name– Arms Race.

Lead level developer Graeme Timmins said that the goal of Arms Race is “to make the gun game in our video game of numerous guns truly matter. And also I can talk about that game mode for hours. I’m so ecstatic concerning it, yet we’ll need to wait. I’ll state it’s got its very own atmosphere as well as just leave it at that.”

“I can not wait up until [we can] share much more concerning this, till people can experience it. It’s an absolutely brand-new video game.

Though Transmission is rather cagey on what Arms Race is, it has clarified what it isn’t, which is a fight royale setting. It’s additionally something that hasn’t been seen prior to so it might possibly be a mix of a number of different styles. One point is for certain– this isn’t for those interested in an extra narrative-driven experience.

As Pitchford notes, “So I assume a few of the folks that possibly are only thinking about narrative experiences, we could shed them. However the people that like the RPG loot and love that equipment fighting experience, and additionally possibly individuals who play completely various games … I have a feeling some Telephone Call of Obligation folks are mosting likely to transform their head and also go, ‘Wait a minute. What’s this?’ Also some fight royale people are mosting likely to go, ‘That sounds interesting. I want to check that out.’ It’s not a battle royale game, however. We’re not doing that.”

Time will certainly tell, as common, with the DLC releasing later this year. Four-player co-op split-screen will be feasible on all those systems however 4K/60 FPS is just for single-player mode on Xbox Series X and also PS5.