After promising it would not be a battle royale setting, Gearbox Software application has finally showcased just what Borderlands 3’s upcoming Arms Race setting. Transforms out it’s more like The Division’s Survival setting.

The crucial hook is that extracting allows you to maintain whatever loot made. Of course, dying methods that all of that wonderful loot is shed and also you’ll need to begin again. Generally, it’s a fascinating twist on what The Division used and should supply a great replayable method to make loot (though whether any type of new things will be added stays to be seen).

Borderlands 3’s Arms Race mode is out on November 10 th. It’s included with the Developer’s Cut and acquired with Period Pass 2, which additionally consists of new Ability Trees for each of the Vault Hunters. That’s just one component of the Period Pass however– more DLC is prepared for next year so remain tuned.