Last year saw the departure of numerous vital members of Sony Japan, including the Creator of Silent Hill, who has actually currently taken place to create his own independent workshop, Bokeh Video game Workshop. They are servicing a brand-new video game, yet it won’t be out for fairly some time. In the meantime, though, we have gotten a couple of teases, consisting of a new one lately.

The designer launched a video clip that had great deals of intro artwork for whatever the brand-new task will certainly be, which you can see through here. They have actually also taken to Twitter to publish a brand-new piece of what seems possible concept art from the brand-new game. It’s quite a bit different from the previous material, giving off a lot more western occult ambiance than the disturbing improvements of the older one.

The video game is being targeted for a release at some point in 2023, however absolutely nothing is learnt about it as of now.