Rumours and speculation of Bloodborne involving PC have been rather usual for a long time now, however have actually been heating up over the past couple of months. First being apparently dripped back in June, we have actually given that read about a Bloodborne remaster coming to PS5 and also PC, obviously being co-developed by QLOC and Bluepoint Gamings.

An announcement from Sony hasn’t been forthcoming, yet a brand-new rumour urges that the remaster is not phony.

RedGamingTech has generally had a strong performance history with leaks as well as expert info, though it’s worth noting that that’s primarily been restricted to hardware-related information. Lately, they additionally said that a Steel Gear Solid 1 remake is in growth for PS5 and PC.

As for Bloodborne, just last month, records talked about a brand-new round of play-testing, which– if actual– may have splashed the beans on plenty of details regarding the game. Find out more on that particular via below.

As is always the case with any type of unproven expert leak, it’s finest to take this with a grain of salt for now. We’ll keep you updated ought to we discover anything new, so stay tuned.