Nightdive Studios has actually come to be something of a legend when it comes to remastering old standards so they don’t obtain too lost to the past. One such video game that they were wanting to do that with was 1997’s Blade Runner The journey video game was not straight based on the 1982 movie, yet is a midquel, with some characters from that motion picture turning up. It was greatly admired as well as seen as in advance of its time. It seems as if some of that time did catch up to it, as some technological issues are leading to the just recently announced Enhanced Version being pushed back.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Nightdive Chief Executive Officer Stephen Kick confirmed that the video game had been pressed back. Still, Kick says the game will still come, just now they have to put it as a TBD (To Be Identified) date for the time being.

” We have actually had some discussions with EA concerning what else is in the safe they located pertaining to Blade Runner, and we haven’t been able to obtain a clear response,” Kick said. “And also even if there was something, it’s very not likely they would release it to us for lawful factors, mainly, which is a bit of a dissatisfaction, due to the fact that we were really hoping to at least get the initial audio recordings.
If you’re interested, the initial non-remastered version of Blade Runner was just recently re-released on GOG, which you can inspect out with right here. We’ll maintain you upgraded as more details on the Boosted Edition comes.